We are so thankful to all who generously give funds, either through memberships or donations. This allows us to help our first responders and their families in the best ways possible.

How do we use the funds we receive?

The funds collected from donations and membership dues are used to assist first responders and/or their families killed or injured in the line of duty and to provide grant funding to our local first responder entities (law enforcement, fire, emergency medical service) for equipment or training.

We have also been able to offer grants to various first-responder organizations since 2012. To see a list of these, please keep reading.



Since 2012 we have been able to provide grants in order to provide this assistance. So far, we have been able to give funds to purchase the following:

  • Guadalupe County Sheriff Department: 2 Wolfcam 3rd Eye Cameras

  • Marion Fire Department: Lifepak 1000 AED 2014: Schertz PD 32 tourniquets

  • Seguin Police Department: 9 SABA kits

  • McQueeney Fire Department: 2 foam eductors and 10 sections of fire hose

  • Schertz Police Department: 2 Stinger Spike Systems

  • County Line Volunteer Fire Department: Extrication Suits &  Gloves

  • Seguin Fire Department: protective equipment for on duty swift water rescue technicians

  • Seguin Police Department: 2-40mm LMT Tactical Single Shot Launchers
  • York Creek Volunteer Fire Department: 6 sections of Fire Hose
  • Seguin Fire Department: $1,350 to purchase 3 ballistic vests for the Arson Investigation Team

  • Seguin Police Department: $2,500 to purchase 60 sets of CAT tourniquets and holders to equip each officer

  • Cibolo Fire Department: $1,150 to purchase 3 swift water NRS Havoc Model water rescue helmets and 3 NRS Rapid Response Rescuer Personal Flotation Devices.


Make a Donation

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You decide how much you want to give. Every little bit counts and thank you so much!